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NEETs and Elite NEETs



I was recently introduced the term NEET (not in education, employment or training) from the anime BTOOOM!. I find it quite weird yet fascinating knowing that there are actually people like them especially in Japan (one of the countries I’m dying to visit). I felt somehow relieved to know that such people exist because I for one was NEET for almost two years. I did not despise being a NEET in fact I loved it! I love sleeping. I did not want to work. I am a graduate but I just did not like rushing into such “adult” which would somehow make other people think of me as a person stuck in her childhood, (which is somewhat true).

I also came to know today that there is this so called “Elite NEET”

Elite NEET have typically very high levels of information literacy and exposure literacy. They are able to leverage the Internet to establish ties in urban environments. These ties connect individuals, and bleed into real life activities.



I have also checked this blog from a famous NEET, Pha-san, 34-year-old unemployed individual which I find interesting because he is a Kyoto University alumnus and he just does not to work. I can somehow relate to that feeling though. http://d.hatena.ne.jp/pha/200302 (It’s in Japanese though).